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Воплощение натуральной философии Константина Циолковского в произведениях Анатолия Кима

Young Eun Park

Pages 391 - 409

This study investigates the influence of the Soviet scientist and philosopher Konstantin Tsiolkovskii on the Korean-born Russian writer Anatolii Kim. Kim combines literature with Tsiolkovskii’s scientific theories, which offer a wide range of understanding the world that exceeds simple science, thus expanding their horizons. Kim’s motif of metamorphosis is based on the Soviet scientist’s theory of the atom as being alive with both senses and spirit. This view culminates in both pan-psychism and hylozoism, and thus corresponds to Kim’s own worldview, who understands all things in the natural world as part of a fl ow of energy and death as a starting point for transformation into another being. This study therefore examines Tsiolkovskii’s ideas of atomism, monism, and views on the future of humanity and the universe. Tsiolkovski’s philosophy is not simply an adornment in Kim’s work but rather the main subject.


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