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Маркеры ухода от эпистемической ответственности

частицы ‚дескать‘, ‚мол‘, ‚якобы‘

Alena Chepurnaya

Pages 101 - 117

As several linguists have noted, the evidential particles deskat’, mol, and jakoby combine evidential and epistemic elements: In marking the information as hearsay the speaker disclaims epistemic responsibility for it. Using newspaper articles—both Russian online newspapers and the “Newspaper subcorpus” of the Russian National Corpus—as a database, this article analyzes their evidential and dubitative semantics with special reference to contexts signaling a change of the speaker or author. The main difference between deskat’ and mol on the one hand, and jakoby on the other hand is that the dubitative reading of the former is triggered by the context, but is part of the semantic structure of the latter. Additionally, the scope of deskat’ and mol is confined to propositions, whereas jakoby can also take scope over smaller units.


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